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WAYNAS is a brand from 2007 till now, belong to PJ Weinox Hardware Company which is a factory of JinYuShen Metal Product Limited. As the leading manufacturer of Building Hardware,  and we can provide all kinds of high quality hardware products for your selection. With products like door hinge, door handle, door stop, door pulls, thumb turn & indicator, flush bolt& other hardware accessories. These products which cater for the decorative fashion found in today’s building, produced from SUS304, SUS316, Brass, and finished to suit the specific requirements of each contract.

Our products include the focus of innovation, the sharpness of quality, and the luster of continuous improvement. Please attention to detail-not only in our products, but also in our services. That is our commitment and promise to you, our customers. We sincerely invite you to look through this website and see how we can help meet your needs.


SGS certificate for showing all factory detail, about factory workersand our machines as well as whole process etc. We are real factory and we sincerely welcome customers to come and visit our factory, to see our production line, our showroom, our products in our production line. 


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